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Quercetin and Luteolin together are an excellent mast cell stabilizing duo perfect for managing mast cell disease symptoms.
Quercetin stabilizes mast cells, and Thorne's product line is dependably good.
Chaga is one of the rare mushrooms that is LOW in histamines.  This is a wonderful chai tea with no unwanted additives.

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One of the more prevalent explanations on where Chinese and Western medicine intersect

In-depth guide to how food interacts with your gastrointestinal health complete with recipes


Vegan alternative to fish-sourced Omega-3 supplements.
Excellent magnesium supplement for migraine and neurological issues as it crosses the blood-brain barrier
Reishi mushroom (Ling zhi in Chinese medicine) is is a great medicinal mushroom for lowering tryptase levels. Great for patients with mast cells diseases
Great decaf chai tea with no weird additives. I love it!
This is a wonderful turmeric ginger tea with no chicory root (a specific allergen for me).  Note: it does have lemon and orange oil so it may not be suitable for all mast cell patients