As of July 2018, I’m in my second year of pursuing a PhD in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  My intention is to specialize in neurology/psychiatry in the TCM context.  At the same time that I’m making my way through medical school, I’m also coping with a mast cell disorder (MCAS) and attempting to treat it with both Western and Eastern medical interventions and modalities.  This is both difficult and interesting because I have easy access to many alternative treatment modalities and can use myself as a guinea pig in order to find what is most effective for what is fast becoming a serious health condition for many people.  Finding effective treatments for people with MCAD/MCAS is vital.

The purpose of this blog is not, however, solely to address mast cell disorders.  I will not be breaking new ground in terms of writing a blog dedicated to educating people about mast cell disorders as there are some absolutely fantastic blogs performing that service already.  That subject is just secondary because I happen to live with it, and I experiment with treatments that your average mast cell patient doesn’t have access to for the purpose of finding effective treatments.

What I really want to do is curate information as I learn it for readers who wish to know it, too, in terms of Western and complementary and alternative medicine(CAM) approaches for modern diseases in general and chronic diseases in specific.  I will focus on mental health, nutritional and dietary approaches for treating disease, mast cell disorders, autoimmune and chronic diseases, and anything else that seems relevant or just really interesting.  The landscape of medical intervention, both alternative and conventional, is changing dramatically, and the practice of integrative medicine is becoming a reality albeit not as quickly as some of us would like.  It is my hope that as I write this blog and continue in my program, we will see integrative medicine become a broader reality and more accessible to all people.

Wishing you all good health, MJ

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